I don't update this site that often. My main hangout place is my YouTube channel:
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(2016-Jan-05: seems like "Contact" doesn't work, so best way to reach me is via my YT channel)
(Wonder how many maybe important messages I might have missed these past years :/)

This site's main use at the moment is my Overwatch Q&A/FAQ blog here: LINK
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Posted by Ironclaw on 2016/12/6 13:00:00 (420 reads)
Not often I post here, so, just to post something new, I felt like mentioning my YouTube channel has new art  (since weeks ago now), and the old one was:

You can click on the image for the full-sized version.
Posted by Ironclaw on 2015/12/29 0:40:00 (601 reads)
Visit the gallery for some pictures.

Posted by Ironclaw on 2015/7/8 20:47:17 (1563 reads)
Made this for fun when I longplayed Monkey Island 2 once. Click the Image to try it out. Click here for the longplay.

Posted by Ironclaw on 2015/5/20 23:00:00 (1489 reads)
John Maddick in the Land of the Fallen Sabrina with the Silicon Boobies

Right click the image and select "Save Link As", or whatever other method you prefer.

Click here to go to the longplay on YouTube if you want to read the video description I wrote.
Posted by Ironclaw on 2015/5/20 22:45:26 (939 reads)